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It's soft and pink....don't you wanna touch it?

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29th August 2005

10:35am: Cute face, thick waste, thick thighs in shape
In less than two months, I will be Mrs. George Holland.

real update coming later.

20th February 2005

1:30pm: It was Tuesday night and I was getting ready for bed. George was already in bed, or so I thought. I was in the bathroom washing my face and he starts knocking at the door. I open the door and he is totally dressed holding d00der. My first thought is "fuck! something is wrong with d00der". Then he proceeds to get down on one knee and asks me to marry him. The whole thing happened so fast. I didn't even realize what was happening! The ring had been tied around d00der's neck.

Of course I screamed "YES!" like 1000x.

So here we are....we're engaged. I haven't even called my parents yet. I am giving it time to sink in. I don't want to to hear them start with the wedding plans. We are eloping.

The plan is after we get married (which we haven't even talked about a date) that we will come to Portland and have a big BBQ in one of the parks up there so that everyone can come celebrate with us!

so that is it. now I am off to be a good wife and make blueberry pancakes.


Mrs. Jevon Holland

17th February 2005

11:06pm: I have zero time during the week to update this bitch.

I will spill all the details this weekend.

no pics of my ring cuz it was too big and they have to order a new one from the designer in Germany. I won't have it for 4-6 weeks. shit. Oh well.

16th February 2005

6:53am: soooooooooooooo
I'm engaged! Pictures of the ring to come soon!

4th November 2004

1:48pm: Oh Le Tigre
"Get Off The Internet"

It feels so 80's
Or early 90's
to be political
where are my friends?

Get off the internet!
(I'll meet you in the street)
Get off the internet!
(destroy the right wing)

This is repetitive
But nothing has changed
Am I crazy?
Where are my friends?

29th October 2004

3:01pm: The bike messengers in SF have adopted "not so casual friday's" where they dress up on Fridays.

they are rad.

28th September 2004

9:41am: I am sicker than a dog. I have a sinus infection + a pulled muscle in my back. I am sniffly hunchback right now.

On a happier note, I got $700.00 unexpected dollars in the mail yesterday. That rocked.

I start school one week from today.

I have a new friend and that makes me happy.

10th August 2004

7:43pm: by tomorrow, we may have a new Italian Greyhound boy! That is right....a Boy d00der.

yes, I know I am a little young to be the mother of 4 but I can't help it! I love dogs!

29th July 2004

9:14am: R.I.P Aunt Tari
My Dad sent me an email this morning letting me know that my "Aunt" Tari had died. My Aunt Tari was my Moms best friend growing up and pretty much all the way through their 30's. For whatever reason they had a falling out and haven't spoken in years. I knew my didn't know because she would have told me when I talked to her last. I had to be the one to call my Mom and tell her. She broke down instantly. She said that Aunt Tari had been on her mind and she shouldn't have been so stubborn and just went and seen her. She is so regretful of not just making amends.

It broke my heart to hear my Mom like that. She was laughing and joking with me right before I had to tell her. She is coming down in a couple weeks and I hope this doesn't change that.

I can never forget how fragile life is. I have to remind myself not to hold grudges because you never know when someone may pass.

I love you Aunt Tari and I hope you are at peace.

27th July 2004

4:15pm: when I think back to the various tattoos that I wanted to get when I was younger.....I am so thankful that common sense won out. I want more but I realize that unfortunately society as a whole doesn't appreciate them like they should. I really do want to get my arms done though......

24th July 2004

1:21pm: Another reason it kicks ass in SF
65 here
100+ in Oregon

8th July 2004

10:02am: One night only~
I will be in Portland for Monday night only. I plan on meeting somewhere with my friends for dinner and drinks. My guess is it will be Montage.

I will post when and where later if any of you want to see me.

28th June 2004

4:04pm: what a weekend
1. Met Graham Norton

2. Got to march in the gay pride parade

3. ran into some friends that I knew way back in Medford. They live here now and we are going to party.

4. Got to see Fahrenheit 9/11

27th June 2004

5:59am: That's just pride fucking with you
Oh yeah. Today is one of the biggest gay pride parades in the world and it is in my little city. Not only will I be at the parade, I will be IN the parade. That is right, yours truly will be marching her big booty through the main street of SF to celebrate all things gay!

pictures to come later!

18th June 2004

1:37pm: I am so troubled that they beheaded that poor innocent man.

9th June 2004

9:35am: And i am finally seing why i was the one worth leaving
listening to postal service when you are already depressed is the best

8th June 2004

12:55pm: Last night I watched 'Monster'. The most disturbing part of the movie was not that she was raped or that she murdered innocent people. The most disturbing part was that when she took her clothes off she looked better than me! Even though she gained a bunch of weight and was supposed to look gross, she still looked better than me. The other disturbing thing is when they showed her with no clothes my boyfriend winced.

I seriously need to shed a million pounds.

7th June 2004

9:05am: I am at work. I am in a good mood which is weird.

5th June 2004

9:26pm: why am I sitting home on another Saturday night?
Oh that's right cuz I have no friends in San Francisco. Awesome.

1st June 2004

9:40pm: I don't even like porn
Yet I have three different autographs, from three different porn stars....this is bizarre.

31st May 2004

1:33pm: I am so sick of the lack of customer service that everyone provides. It is not acceptable.

29th May 2004

11:10am: I have the mean hungries. We were supposed to go eat awhil ago but G told our friend we would wait for him to get over here.....I am hungry and bitchy. I need french toast now!

27th May 2004

7:58pm: It's official......my boyfriend sold his turntables
10:09am: I think tomorrow I am going out dancing. They are doing an ol skool jungle night. It will be classic cuts from 93-97. Unfortunately I will have to go by myself cuz G is working and I have no friends!!!

I just feel like going out and shaking it. That is what makes me happy, shaking the junk in my trunk.

26th May 2004

9:02pm: who finally bought an iPod?
That's right, I did. I went to the SF Apple store and shelled out some major cash for my very own iPod.
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